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Horse sense

Experience is key

We have over 20 years experience under our belt. to be profitable you need experience and lots of form knowledge. we have that in abundance. Check out our About Me page for more key information. We have a percentage advantage that gives us the confidence to serve you.

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Passing it on

You want cash and we want to make profits. Unlike a lot of offers we want this business to be a concrete offer. when you payout you receive cash in return. We want your custom so we can show you we are able to get returns.

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Not a tipping service

We won't be dumping a load of dirt for that is what most tipping services are like. We have gleaned a lot of information over the years and we have a high results charter. We structure offers in a way that is circular. that means money in money out. contact me at

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  • Shepherds Bush, England, United Kingdom



Welcome to this page.
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About Me
The text that was here has been transferred to the -about me- link above.
This space is for letting you know what you are missing.
The link up top is cheap enough. £3.00 is nothing for what we are planning to do.

Usually with the change of season betting becomes more challenging.
I usually work a race which has been good but now I have been working on other tactics and in a day I will at least get a double. I have been getting more than one double so things have improved.
This is how you can earn yourself £1000.00 for just £10.00. Get a friend to pay
£10.00 and then get them to invite a friend for £10.00.
You do not have to worry about non runners, fallers , unseats pulled up etc.

£10.00 is easy, when we have a 100 members we will work on getting
multiple bets going.

When you do that you and your friend can earn a lot of money between you.
When you pay simply contact us put Betandearn in subject line and let us know who introduced you.
This is now our standard offer, your one chance to make some good money.



Our basic premium is £25.00 one time fee. This is where we demonstrate to you that you can make more than you put in. We would be eager to more than double your money before we give you a return. We would appreciate if you would give our website a site review and post it on social media or where ever you can. Do let us know when you have done this.

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We all want to make money and it takes money to make money. If you want to make money there is a lot of scope for that in this industry. You have to be willing to connect. Our basic service will give you the proof. Here the minimum charge is £150.00. We will make a four figure sum for you. You will have to exercise some patience given the current climate and prepare for disturbance as well. We will use other avenues to bring in cash so do not despair or panic, wait it out.

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We want others to know that there is money to be made from horse racing. I am running solo and your help will be appreciated in posting reviews and even putting our link on a web page. There are ways to leverage cash that space does not allow me to tell you. If you are a basic member you can receive updates that will expose you to other money making tactics that will make your experience much more enjoyable. Put our link on your blogs or webpages or on social media. Let me know that you have done it and I will give you information that I am sure you will be pleased with. Use the contact button. if you mail me put "BetandEarn " in the subject box. I will give you a financial reward which will be advised to you upon contact.

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 £1M pool

This pool covers all budgets and will be very rewarding.

 Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?

Can any good thing come out of racing? Can we make it different? I am sure we can and when we do you will know who the woolwich is.


We are on target most of the time- good for you I say


put this link on media sites make sure you are a member to capitalize on our profitability


Be like a bird, tell your friends and celebrate success together. put our url on your blog and on social media