No doubts- no bull-just the naked truth.

Experience is the best teacher. I started from nothing and tried and tried until I got it to a place that I can dig 

myself out of a pit. I am not fully there yet but I have seen enough to satisfy me. In any business you need an 

advantage and I have it.

I have learned things that no one else have taught me. There are trends that work in your favor. even when

 you lose .

I am amazed at the questions I see being asked in forums, leave that there.

Making money is not just about getting past the winning line. You can win and still lose.

It is about getting value and if you do this right you will make money.

No race is the same so if you are depending on systems you will strive but at a slow pace.

Racing is like electronics, one day on one day off.

That means you need discipline and method has to figure big in your strategies.

You have a lot of arsenal to succeed but the average service you get in your inbox won't share that with you.

Big named brands produce a lot of refunds because they are not all what they portend to be.

You need to know about finance, you also need to have a proper mindset. These are all things I will go into when

you become a basic member.

Racing has the best markup levels you will ever find. it has risk but it also has calculated risk. You have to be like a cat.

You have to be poised. You have to be like a Christian, you need to believe and have faith. you also have to have hope

which is tied in with vision. You need to trust this page, you need to know who is behind this page.

I cannot display identity here. It has political and other orientation that will cause tensions that means you

will suffer and everyone else connected with this business.

If you are earning good money the last thing you want is an interruption to that flow.

I am elderly so you are getting me at my best, I do not need to tell you about the times so treat this offer respectfully.