Our basic premium is £25.00 one time fee. This is where we demonstrate to you that you can make more than you put in. We would be eager to more than double your money before we give you a return. We would appreciate if you would give our website a site review and post it on social media or where ever you can. Do let us know when you have done this.

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We all want to make money and it takes money to make money. If you want to make money there is a lot of scope for that in this industry. You have to be willing to connect. Our basic service will give you the proof. Here the minimum charge is £150.00. We will make a four figure sum for you. You will have to exercise some patience given the current climate and prepare for disturbance as well. We will use other avenues to bring in cash so do not despair or panic, wait it out.

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We want others to know that there is money to be made from horse racing. I am running solo and your help will be appreciated in posting reviews and even putting our link on a web page. There are ways to leverage cash that space does not allow me to tell you. If you are a basic member you can receive updates that will expose you to other money making tactics that will make your experience much more enjoyable. Put our link on your blogs or webpages or on social media. Let me know that you have done it and I will give you information that I am sure you will be pleased with. Use the contact button. if you mail me put "BetandEarn " in the subject box. I will give you a financial reward which will be advised to you upon contact.

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